Our Latest News

At the end of January, February and March, our club sponsored fun time Sunday afternoon "Old Time BINGO" sessions at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney. Approximately 60 keen fans turned out for each session, with the pots ranging from $40 to $70. These were our first sessions since COVID chased us away from the Saanich Fair in 2021. We'll be back at the Fair this coming fall!  Come and join us and have some fun!
Victoria Hand Project (VHP) is a charity organization with a mission to help amputees in-need receive prosthetic arms, worldwide. VHP empowers prosthetic care professionals in under-resourced economies and healthcare systems to create and provide VHP’s prosthetic arms in their own communities. VHP provides equipment, training, and support, laying the groundwork for local, sustainable, on-going care. Receiving a Victoria Hand is transformative: functional prosthetic arms are an incredible tool to help amputees regain independence, hope, and opportunities to live more fulfilling and happier lives. The impact goes far beyond the recipient, with positive effects rippling through families, caretakers, and increased clinic capacity.  Thank you very much for such a great presentation VHP!
Dr Ed Ishiguro gave a most interesting presentation on the recent research into the processes involved in how aging affects cells. Increasing age is a factor in some diseases, but not all. As we age our immune system slows down and becomes more inefficient at removing aging cells and the damaging chemicals which they release. One of the byproducts of normal metabolic conversion to create energy by cells are chemicals called free radicals, elements with a loose electron which latch onto other cells quite easily and cause damage. He is not a fan of oral antioxidants, saying research studies are still inconclusive. Several chemical compounds are being experimentally trialed to aid in the removal of free radicals from one’s body. The current one which is available to diabetes patients is metformin. Cell senescence can be slowed, but not stopped completely, by active physical and mental exercise. Dr Ishiguro is from the U-Vic Speakers Bureau and is one of our club's favourite presenters.