Our Latest News

Our speaker this evening was Dr. Lynne Siemens, U Vic School of Public Administration.  Dr. Siemens spoke about her research on "Rural Businesses—Opportunities, Challenges, and Policy Implications".  Dr. Siemens explores how policy (at all levels of government) can help rural businesses flourish. Her study focused on rural Vancouver Island where transportation (access) is limited.  Thank you Dr. Siemens for a very interesting and informative presentation.  
Pictured below is Club President Jack Gallop with Dr. Siemens.
Our presentation tonight was delivered by Annette Van Niejenhuis from the Saanich Forest Centre of Western Forest Products.  Annette is a Tree Improvement Forester and spoke to the club about the forest management centres around BC ensuring sustainability.  Western Forest Products operate 8 mills, supplying lumber to 20+ countries.  They locally specialize in supply of seedlings.  Western Forest Products require 7.5 million seedlings per year.  The local site supplies about half of this supply with private firms supplying the remainder.  Seeds are planted in late February resulting in seedlings planted in the forest in late summer.  Every tree harvested is replaced plus more making it sustainable.  Pictured below is President Jack with Annette receiving our donation of 10 polio vaccinations in Annette's name to the Rotary Foundation.
Dr. Christopher Douglas is a Professor at the University of Victoria.  Dr. Douglas has done research into the Christian right in the U.S., particularly after the last U.S. election and the presence of fake news.  Our program this evening was on his research on The Religious Origin of Fake News and Alternative Facts.  Thanks to Dr. Douglas for a fascinating program.  Pictured below is Dr. Douglas receiving a certificate from Club President Jack Gallop that we will donate the cost of ten Polio vaccinations to the Rotary Foundation in his name.