Dr Ed Ishiguro gave a most interesting presentation on the recent research into the processes involved in how aging affects cells. Increasing age is a factor in some diseases, but not all. As we age our immune system slows down and becomes more inefficient at removing aging cells and the damaging chemicals which they release. One of the byproducts of normal metabolic conversion to create energy by cells are chemicals called free radicals, elements with a loose electron which latch onto other cells quite easily and cause damage. He is not a fan of oral antioxidants, saying research studies are still inconclusive. Several chemical compounds are being experimentally trialed to aid in the removal of free radicals from one’s body. The current one which is available to diabetes patients is metformin. Cell senescence can be slowed, but not stopped completely, by active physical and mental exercise. Dr Ishiguro is from the U-Vic Speakers Bureau and is one of our club's favourite presenters.